We're thrilled to be in the same location that we've always been. For over 35 years, we've been bringing the good people of this city and tourists the finest dj's and live bands that have ever kicked their percussion sets. Conveniently located downtown, we're in the middle of the old town Fira's jewellery area. But that doesn't mean we can't fill your soul with house music and rhythms all night long.


       Bartending: Thanassis- Aggelos-Ilektra

       Serving: Fani-Sylvia-Kalypso

       Front door: Zefi-Mr. T.


Additional Ticket Info

Sunday's and Wednesday's // 2018
Dj Loud Tony

House and Soul vibes by Santorini's finest dj.

Doors: 21:30 pm 

Tickets: Free (Not on events nights)


Friday // July 13, 2018
Dj and Producer Paso Doble
Top Deep House dj's lineup
Doors: 21:00 pm / On decks: 00:45 
Tickets: €10/drink or beer included

Saturday // July 14, 2018
​Greece's Coolest Bands
Doors: 21:30 pm / Live starts: 00:01 
Tickets: €10/drink or beer included

Friday // July 20, 2018
Dj and Producer ARGY
​Greece's Top Deep House dj's lineup
Doors: 21:00 pm / On decks: 00:45 
Tickets: €10/drink or beer included

Friday + Saturday // July 27+28, 2018
Penny Baltatzi & Band Live 
Top Live Bands from Greece
Doors: 21:00 pm / On stage: 00:01
Tickets: €10/drink or beer included


Private Functions

Resident Dj's (2018)

       Apostolos Xigkakis

       Loud Tony


       Adrianos Papadeas


Joe Claussel/Booked for August 18th 2018

Upcoming Events

It's important to us to keep our tickets reasonably priced. We're waging a war against the middleman markups that so frequently occur in this industry. Come by our entrance or make your booking; it saves time and money (his name's Apostolos and her name is Zefi). Either call us at:+302286027188 or mail at bookings@casablancasoul.com for your reservation. Just know that seating is limited, and we can't guarantee availability for more popular events.

About CasablancaSoul bar

Casablanca enjoys a central location in Fira, not on the cliffside but just right by it, so Caldera views are not available. But we have something that Caldera doesn't have. We can go loud. Meaning that due to Caldera's quiet policy by the Police and the Municipality bars are not allowed to exceed 81db, when we can go higher than that. Plus, we can isolate the place just for your needs, bachelorette party or private function. Just contact us at bookings@casablancasoul.com with your request. We organise catering/special drinks/dj's and bands. We have space for up to 150 people, definetely not seated! (we do have space for seating but is limited to 35-45 people if some are elderly).